There are 7 artists with this name: 1) Estrella is a Hard Rock band from United Kingdom Their name comes from the spanish translation of 'star'. The band, formed in 2003, have been under management since 2005. Working on their Debut Album alongside John T Sinclair, who spent 17 years as keyboard player for Ozzy Osbourne, the former Uriah Heep star has been using his vast wealth of experience in the industry to help Estrella reach their full potential. They have two albums: "Come Out To Play" and "We Will Go On" 2) Estrella is also a Mexican pop singer that rose to fame after being in the first season of Mexico's "La Academia" a singing competition/reality show. She has since released three albums Estrella de La Academia which featured covers she performed on the show as well as "Estrella" and "De Los Pies Al Corazon" 3) Estrella is also a jazz/indie/acoustic band, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The band was formed on 2006 and released their first eponymous album at 2007. They are currently signed to Laguna Music and actively touring the Malaysian independent circuit. 4) Estrella also a 21-year-old singer from Seville, Spain. Her music is a blend of R&B and flamenco. She recently released her first album entitled ''Estrella'', and the album's first single is ''Que me puede quedar''. 5) Estrella is also a Tejano band from early to mid 90's, based in San Antonio, Texas. Some albums recorded by Estrella were "Desde la Oscuridad" And "Too Hot to Handle" 6) Estrella (Patricia Gerndt) is the singer of Blue Lagoon. In 2003, she released a single, La Fiesta Loca. 7) Estrella Band is Indie Pop/Rock from Palembang. Read more...

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    Genres: Female Vocalists | Spanish | Jazz | Flamenco | Rnbflamenco |

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